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Terms of Subscriptions

Club Subscriptions

  • Your Club must nominate a Representative. They will be the spokesperson and point of contact for your Club. We would encourage them to become a Member and actively work for the good of BEIRC.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that the details we hold for your Club are correct. Please notify BEIRC if there is any change to contact details.
  • Booking of the Arena(s) will be made online
  • Each Club will be entitled to competition dates in line with their Subscription. This will include the use of both Arenas and will take precedence over other activities. The Board hold a template of events which take place throughout the year so we have an approximate idea of when Clubs require dates. If you are holding an additional competition or require a change of date for an existing competition please contact Kelly 07898 603064 to discuss. Extra dates can be booked at a cost of £210 Main Arena and £105 Second Arena. (Competition includes any income generating activity)
  • When booking the Arenas for training, in the interest of fairness, any persons attending individual lessons arranged though a Club must be a Subscriber of BEIRC. The Board reserve the right to request a list of participants attending. 
  • If you cancel your booking, please remove this from the online calendar. A text must be sent to Kelly at 07898 603064 confirming the cancellation. 
  • It is the responsibility of the Club to carry out a risk assessment before commencement of any usage. Any issues must be reported to Kelly 07898 603064.
  • The Arenas, parking and surrounding areas must be left clean of litter and droppings. All droppings must be emptied onto a muck heap and not left in any containers. The facilities must be checked by the Club once everyone has left. 
  • Harrowing. It is the responsibility of your Club to ensure that the Arenas are left in a useable condition. If your Club is unable to undertake harrowing then other arrangements must be made. Please contact Kelly at 07898 603064 to discuss.
  • NO Horses/ponies to be left unattended or turned out loose inside the Arenas. There are to be NO hay nets tied inside or outside the Arenas. There is to be NO lunging in the Main Arena. 
  • Horses/ponies must not be left unattended tied to vehicles.
  • The Board accept no liability for any accident, damage, injury or theft to persons or property caused whilst using the facilities (including the access and parking areas.) or equipment 
  • All damages must be reported to 07898 603064 or
  • Any person, when mounted, must wear a hat to the current Pony/Riding Club standard. 
  • Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. 
  • Those wishing to make use of the Show Jumping equipment must be competent to use such equipment. The equipment must be checked by the Club before use - any faulty equipment should not be used and should be reported as above. BEIRC does not accept responsibility for any damage to persons or property, however caused, whilst using the facility and the equipment. 
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