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BEIRC becomes a SCIO!

As well as our new website, after some months of hard graft we are able to start the new Subscriber year as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO). There are several benefits to this not least the high protection of liability for the Trustees and Members. Being a SCIO should also help us in our fundraising endeavours. However, this does mean some changes to the BEIRC as we know it, to comply with the rules of being a SCIO

Trustees - we have four Trustees. Kelly Telfer, Chair; Dugald Forbes, Vice-Chair; Sarah Burton, Treasurer; and Fran Milne, Secretary. More information about our Trustees is available on our 'about us' page.

Members - these are Volunteers who have a vested interest in supporting BEIRC with their skills, time and commitment (similar to our previous Committee members). This Club would not function without the support of our members, and we encourage as many of you as possible to come forward. The more hands that we have 'on deck' will help us to divide various tasks between people. In particular we would be looking for support in harrowing and/or maintenance of the arenas, Subscriber Secretary, Competition Secretary, First Aiders, Social Media Co-ordinator, Fundraising etc. There is now a Membership Form which we would ask you to fill in, with details of what support you can offer. We also need Volunteers to help us on Competition days, which can be done on a more informal basis. The more the merrier!

Subscribers - these were previously known as Members, with an annual subscription to allow usage of the Arenas. The Subscriber year remains from 1st October to 30th September. We offer a range of Subscriptions to meet your needs, whether as an individual, family or Club. See our Subscription page here. We do value our Subscribers as funds raised pay towards our lease and maintenance of the Barstobrick Arenas.

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