Competition Rules and Regulations - Smart dress please

Please also note Covid Rules!

1. Competitons are organised by the BEIRC Committee hereinafter referred to as the Show Organiser within these General Rules and Regulations.

2. The Show Organiser, volunteer and officials do not accept liability for any accident, damage, injury, theft or illness to horses, riders, owners, spectators or any other persons on property whatsoever.

3. Trespass - All visitors to Barstobrick must keep to areas relevant to the show centre and are not allowed access to any other area. Anyone found to be in an unauthorised area may be asked to leave the showground.

4. The Show Organiser reserves the right to decline or exclude or remove any person or animal from the show or future show or return any entry fee without being required to assign reason or being liable for any compensation.

5. Competitions - The Show Organiser reserves the right to cancel, add to, amend any of the competitions as they see fit. 

6. The judges decision is final.

7. No refunds will be given after close of entries. An admin fee of £1 will apply to refunds.

8. Smoking - Smoking is not permitted within any part of the Showground or building unless in the specified smoking area.

9. Children - The Showground is not a playground. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. 

10. Vehicles - The Show Organiser reserves the right to remove any vehicle which is obstructing any access to or from the showground even if locked and unattended. The Show Organiser will not be liable for any injury, loss or damage occasioned by such removal.

11. Dogs - Dogs are permitted on the show ground. They must be kept under control on a lead at all times. If, in the opinion of the Show Organiser or any of their staff, any person fails to keep their dog(s) under control they may be asked to leave the show ground.

12. The organisers will not be held responsible for any incident or injury to riders, owners, spectators, grooms or any person or property whatsoever. It is a condition of entry that each competitor shall agree to indemnify the organiser against any legal action arising from any incident. 

12. All areas of the showground are to be left tidy. ALL horse manure and loose hay must be removed fom the car park.


Contact - Kelly Telfer 07761 294425