Please keep it clean!

As you know the club has been able to fund the surface in the new arena and the upgrade of the surface in the main arena. This has been done using the money raised through competitions all of which accrues to the club. These surfaces will not last forever and they will degrade more quickly if droppings are not cleared and mix in to the surface. It is the responsibility of all users to clear the arena when they leave. If you arrive and find droppings, please text Fran on 07900245850 with the time and date and she will follow it up.


BEIRC AGM 2019 - in the Barstobrick Cafe 7pm on 9th July 2019 - hope to see you there!

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Main Arena 1            Arena 2

To make a booking - click on the arena you wish to book and log in using your user name and membership number. You will then be able to click on the date/time that you wish to book and enter in your details. Members are encouraged to share the arena, especially during busy times, unless there is a specific reason for not sharing. (e.g. young horse, lesson etc). Individual/family members will be limited to one hour slots, Clubs can book several hours for events. All individual/family provisional bookings must be confirmed by 72 hours prior to the event, or your booking will be cancelled.

For event or competition entries see our Events tab

Note to Clubs/Groups - if you have provisionally booked the arena(s) for an Event, this must be confirmed at least 7 days before the Event or else the booking will be deleted. If you require both arenas, please remember to book on both calendars.

If you have any problems with booking, please contact Fran Milne at or Robin Austin on 01557 820227

Rules of Booking

Bronze members can book up to 2 sessions/month, Silver members up to 2 sessions/week and Gold members up to 4 sessions/week. Family members can book up to 2 or 3 sessions/week depending on level of membership.

Members can only book no more than two weeks in advance unless it is a block booking for training or for a Club. 

Club bookings should be made with Robin Austin - Telephone 01557 820227

Provisional bookings for individuals must be confirmed at least 72 hours before the event, or else the booking will be deleted to allow another member to use the arena(s). For Clubs/groups, provisional bookings must be confirmed 7 days before the event.

Please specify if you require a solo booking (e.g. having a lesson, jumping or schooling a novice horse or rider), otherwise another member will also be able to book the same slot (maximum of two). A group of friends counts as a solo booking but all must be members.

Windows XP users

If you use the internet browser that came with XP it will not work properly with the new booking system. This is because it is very old and the internet has moved on. Affected users should please download a replacement browser from here


Lessons - you must be a member to attend these training sessions

  • Nigel Springer Show Jumping Lessons phone Kelly on 07761294425
  • Jane Rutherford lessons phone Amanda McQueen 07970481619